Adapted by Severn Thompson from the novel by Douglas Glover
February 23, 2017 - March 12, 2017
Preview - February 22, 2017
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An epic tale of survival from Canada’s distant past

Based on a true story and adapted from the Governor General’s Award-winning novel, Elle chronicles the ordeals and adventures of a young French woman deliberately marooned on a desolate island off the coast of Newfoundland in 1542. Sometimes harrowing and often funny, Elle brilliantly reinvents the beginnings of this country’s narrative through bears (both real and spirit) and the embracing of one’s environment.

A Theatre Passe Muraille production

“Severn Thompson…is absolutely captivating. (She) holds the audience’s attention in a vice grip with her precision, depth and hilarity. Her script is beautifully poetic, and she is a master of its delivery. Through her words and conviction, she creates a landscape and characters that were as vivid and clear as if they had been on stage with her.” – Mooney on Theatre

Bob Says:

“This is a story unlike any I’ve ever seen, with an unusual narrative style illuminating a period in our country’s history that you don’t usually see onstage. This story, woven about a young woman on a barren island -- the hardships she endures through the bleakness of winter and the positive relationship she establishes with the First Nations man who saves her -- is perfect for the sesquicentennial of our country. Severn has done a beautiful job of adapting the Douglas Glover novel, and gives a deep and rich performance as the woman who faces incredible adversity and survives to tell the tale.”


Jonathan Fisher
Severn Thompson

Director: Christine Brubaker
Dramaturgy: Christine Brubaker & Andy McKim
Production Designer: Jennifer Goodman
Sound Designer: Lyon Smith
Movement: Viv Moore

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