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Bob Metcalfe, Artistic Director

Winnipeg seems to be undergoing a bit of a building renaissance lately. The Museum for Human Rights is on the verge of opening, there's continued development on the waterfront, and downtown, construction cranes are at work, reshaping the centre of the city. These projects are particularly welcome as they're all unique to Winnipeg, rather than a collection of shells housing chain stores and hotels that you can find all across the country. These distinctive buildings and businesses will add to the story of the city, and the people who live here, in new and surprising ways.

Prairie Theatre Exchange strives to create a season of theatre with plays that are filled with surprises, and that add to the story of the city. While there's comfort in the well-known, all the interesting -- and truly delightful experiences -- seem to begin when you stray from the path a bit. The upcoming season includes a hockey play that's about much more than hockey, a classic English mystery which has been dismantled and reassembled with madcap humour, the story of blues music from the perspective of an Indian/Irish immigrant to Canada, a play about loneliness that is hilariously witty, and a world premiere from one of Canada's most celebrated playwrights. You probably won't have heard of the titles, and you certainly won't know how the story ends before the lights go down. You will travel a new path, enjoy the journey, and have something to talk about.

I hope that you'll join us for the uniquely-Winnipeg and always-surprising 2014 - 2015 Season at Prairie Theatre Exchange.

Come and enjoy the five best plays that you've never heard of!

Robert Metcalfe
A R T I S T I C   D I R E C T O R

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