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Every now and again, we just need to take some time to gloat. We're so fortunate to have the instructors that work with us, and we want to brag - just a bit. Among our stellar line-up of instructors you'll find professional theatre artists and trained educators, including:

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Erin McGrath (BIO) Sharon Bajer (BIO)
Mariam Bernstein (BIO) Hope McIntyre (BIO)
Arne MacPherson (BIO) John B. Lowe (BIO)
Curtis Moore (BIO) Brenda McLean (BIO)
Spenser Payne Chelsea Rankin (BIO)
Alissa Watson Robert Borges (BIO)
Rebecca Benson (BIO) Kendra Jones (BIO)
Süss Debbie Patterson (BIO)
Erin Hammond (BIO) RobYn Slade (BIO)
Daina Leitold (BIO) Eva Lowe (BIO)
Jane Testar (BIO) Claire Friesen
Kerri Twigg Stephen Sim (BIO)
Miriam Smith (BIO) Lee White
Trish Cooper Jacquie Loewen (BIO)

For more information about our instructors, please contact John B. Lowe, PTE Theatre School and Community Programs Director at (204) 925-5252 or education@pte.mb.ca