Adult Company at IBSENFEST


by Henrik Ibsen, devised by PTE ADCO
PTE Adult Company

FEBRUARY 12 - 17, 2019
Colin Jackson Studio Theatre
393 Portage Avenue (3rd floor, Portage Place)

Wheelchair accessible
Capacity 60


Featuring five intimate conversations from the works of Ibsen. Promenade around PTE and witness his characters going head-to-head with one another. Ibsen is the master of the two-person scene; he invites us into the closed and whispered quarters of lovers, friends, families and enemies. PTE Adult Company reimagines Ibsen’s Tête-à-Têtes into a mysterious, playful and provocative evening of drama!

“Come, let us have a cosy little chat, Hedda, a tête-à-tête.”
“Well yes, since you put it so.”

"Every word I say to you is whispered in my ear."

Director: Brenda McLean
Cast: Gino Anania, Emily Atkinson, David Breckman, Susan Finnigan,  Jason O'Boyle, Roslyn Roberts, Allan Scheirer, Susan Smiel, Christable Thomas Oruama, Collin Wynter

Tue Feb 12 7:30pm
Wed Feb 13 7:30pm
Thu Feb 14 7:30pm
Fri Feb 15 7:30pm
Sat Feb 16 7:30pm
Sun Feb 17 2:30pm

2 hours, 15 minutes
Warning: gunshots

Tickets $15

Or call 204-942-5483
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At the door: (Limited seating available at the door)
Cash/Visa/MasterCard/American Express/debit

Box Office opens 1 hour before showtime