Adult Company

18+ | 27 weeks | Auditions early September
September 16, 2019 - May 9, 2020

27 weeks | 47 classes | 3 performance days

First Term: Mondays 7 - 10 pm
  September 16 - December 16, 2019 (except October 14 & November 11)
Second Term: Mondays 7-10 pm & Wednesdays 7-10 pm (except February 17)
  January 6 - May 9, 2020
Performances: Colin Jackson Studio Theatre, May 7-9, 2020
Class Fee:  $675

The Adult Company (ADCO) is a performance ensemble geared towards the presentation of a full-length show. The ADCO is geared towards students who already have some training or performance experience and want to gain more onstage experience. For the 2019-20120 season of the Adult Company, students will work towards a 3 day show presentation of a published script at the Colin Jackson Studio.

Entrance to the course is by audition and interview.

Former ADCO students have first audition privilege, and this year's play, Stupid Fucking Bird, a modern satire of Chekhov's Seagull. All roles have been filled.

NOTE: the Adult Company schedule is very demanding and regular attendance is important. Extra rehearsals will be scheduled in the weeks leading up to the performance.