September 2021



Created by Sunny Drake | Online
September 23, 2021
What would the world be like if we let ourselves be a bit more childish?


In this special video presentation of CHILD-ish, a dynamite cast of adult actors speak children’s exact words about love, life and the world. Instead of pretending to be children, they perform as adults, allowing us to hear kids’ ideas and experiences anew. It’s surprising, hilarious and moving.

Originally a theatre play, CHILD-ish was created by Sunny Drake and drawn from interviews with over 40 whip-smart (and brutally honest) children. This special watch party event gives you the full experience of the fresh new web series - through the perspectives of the brilliant kids from the CHILD-ish team, who will be your hosts alongside Sunny Drake himself.



More about the Watch Party

This is a one-time event that starts at 7:30 CDT on Thursday, September 23. It’s a unique combination of a streamed video with a live chat. Your hosts, Sunny and several of the kids whose words you’ll hear in CHILD-ish, will let you in on how the series was created. They’ll be posing some fun questions, and you’re invited to play by entering answers in the live chat.

We strongly advise that you sign in at least 10-15 minutes before 7:30, so that if you encounter a problem, there’s time to trouble-shoot.

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What if I have problems accessing the event?

Our Box Office staff are available by phone from 1 – 7:45 pm on September 23. Call 204-942-5483, and we'll do our best to help you figure it out.

However, every situation is different and there are a lot of variables at play, including the strength of your internet connection, the browser you're using and the device you have - those things are out of our control. If our staff are unable to resolve your issue after working with you over the phone, we will refund your ticket.

Please remember that our goal is to have everyone who purchased a ticket be able to enjoy the performance. Our staff is doing their best to help you make that happen. Technology can be frustrating sometimes, but we will do everything we can to make your experience a successful one!