October 2019


The Third Colour

by Ian Ross
October 2 - 20, 2019
Where do we go from here? A funny & honest Indigenous perspective...

World Premiere

This absurdist dramedy brilliantly traces the history of Canada from pre-settlers to current day, through the eyes of two spirits in the shape of Indigenous women. Together they weave stories of what was past and what will come, of tradition and change that cannot be stopped.

Drawing from the Indigenous tradition of oral history and symbolic story-telling, the two beings grapple with opposing views of how the Indigenous/settler relationship got to where we are now -- and what needs to be done to move forward.

Governor General’s Award-winning playwright Ian Ross (fareWel, PTE 1996; CBC's "Joe from Winnipeg") displays both his sharp humour and his own Indigenous experience in a funny and honest exploration of the notion of reconciliation, posing the questions: "How did we get here?" and "What's next?"


Photos by Leif Norman

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