December 2021

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The War Being Waged - Digital

by Darla Contois | Digital
December 2 - 12, 2021
One family, three stories

World Premiere

In partnership with Native Earth Performing Arts

An Indigenous mother becomes an activist while her brother becomes a soldier. A grandmother raises a granddaughter with love, in community. A granddaughter full of turmoil, finds her voice. Three generations of Indigenous women are woven into this new work by Winnipeg-based theatre artist Darla Contois. And three performance genres tell their story - monologue, poetry with video and movement, and contemporary dance – all tied together by the playwright’s story and an all-encompassing set design that has built a world for all three to live inside.

From the Playwright:

"The story you are about to experience is incredibly personal to me. It is based on one of my deepest fears, my experiences and as well is a response to one of the most important questions we ask ourselves as Indigenous people: What are you fighting for? 

In it you will find remnants of real people, real conflicts and real relationships. I hope you're ready to listen with an open heart."

Tracey Nepinak & Emily Solstice Tait
with the voice of Tantoo Cardinal

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