Wingfield's Inferno

Dan Needles
November 13, 2008 - November 30, 2008
Preview - November 12, 2008

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2 shows added: December 5 & 6

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"4 stars!"
Winnipeg Sun

"Inferno warms the heart!"
Winnipeg Free Press

A devastating fire at the Orange Hall in Larkspur leaves it a smouldering ruin. Walt Wingfield leads the charge to get it rebuilt, but lighting a fire under his fellow committee members proves a daunting task, not to mention dealing with the insurance industry. Add in sleep deprivation from his infant daughter's ear infections, and his attempts to train a neighbour's stubborn horse for the race track, and poor Walt really has his hands full. Gentle humour, engaging characters, inspired storytelling and pure acting genius carry the latest installment of the Wingfield saga to its heartwarming conclusion.

"Beattie is a natural storyteller with the delivery of a vaudeville comic, the timing of a Swiss watch and enough warmth and charm to stop an Arctic cold front."  Edmonton Sun

Director - Douglas Beattie
Stage Manager - Mykola Kowalchuk
Assist. Stage Manager - Niklaas Dethmers

Featuring - Rod Beattie

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