by Michael Redhill
January 14, 2010 - January 31, 2010
Preview - January 13, 2010

NOW Toronto names Goodness one of top 10 plays of the Decade!


l to r:  Lili Francks & Gord Rand, J.D. Nicolsen & Amy Rutherford, Gord Rand,
photos by John Lauener

A stranger in a seedy London bar hands a man a phone number. He calls it. An hour later, he's in a woman's apartment listening to an astonishing story: murder, war crimes, love. He can't imagine what she's been through. So he changes it. Part mystery, part ethical dilemma, critically-acclaimed novelist Michael Redhill's Goodness is an intricate knot of flashbacks and storytelling by a six-person cast, delicately interweaving South African and Central European folk music as laments from around the world.  From Pinochet to Saddam Hussein, from Yugoslavia to Sudan and Rwanda, Goodness resonates deeply with the world of the present moment.

 Running Time:  Approximately 2 hours

Top 10 Pick -- Winnipeg Free Press

"A passionate, enthralling production, not to be missed." NOW Toronto

"Artists who want to tell you what to think are a dime a dozen. Artists who compel you to think for yourself are far more rare.  Thanks to Ross Manson and his company for falling into the latter category." -- Toronto Star

Read the blog about Goodness performing in Rwanda.

Click here to learn about Goodness in Rwanda, the one-hour, controversial documentary about art, two cultures clashing, and the exuberance of life in response to death.

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