The December Man (l'homme de décembre)

by Colleen Murphy
January 27, 2011 - February 13, 2011
Preview - January 26, 2011


He faced a mad-man with a gun and was spared because he wasn't female. Surviving the survivor guilt is another question. The December Man is Colleen Murphy's devastating study of the after-effects of the massacre at L’ecole Polytechnique on one small working class family.  This horrific event, embedded in the consciousness of all Canadians, is the backdrop for an exploration of the multiplying ripples of a single violent incident with  compassion and striving for understanding. 

The play is 90 minutes long, with NO intermission.

Winner of the 2007 Governor General Award for Drama.
What the Jury Said:

The December Man (L’homme de décembre)is a tragedy in which the humanity of the characters gives the play a surprising buoyancy. Heartbreaking yet never sentimental, spare yet complex, with a flawless structure, this is a brave and important play.


Other Voices: 

"...raw, emotionally rich performances.... The December Man doesn't make for easy viewing, but it is a compelling production that has real emotional power and weight behind it."  Read the whole review
     - CBC Radio, Winnipeg

"(My wife) and I thank you for the opportunity to attend last night’s performance.  It was dark, disturbing, brilliantly acted and one of the most powerful plays we have ever seen.  It is not that unusual in film or theatre these days to sequence scenes in “reverse” order.  And sometimes I worry that it is a bit of a gimmick.  But that certainly was not the case with this story.  The ending was perfectly poignant."
      - Audience Member, opening night at PTE 

"By confining the story to a single family, the show presents a simple, yet profoundly honest and searching meditation on violence, guilt and the powerful ties that bond families together."
     - Theatre Review at Large, 2010

 " (one) should miss the chance to see this."
      - Peter Birnie, The Vancouver Sun

"The story is truly moving and very well-told.  I thought the script was incredibly well-written, to the point that a week later I'm still picking gems out of it."
            - Alan Jeans, Audience Member, Green Thumb Theatre, Vancouver

"We were both very moved by the story. In fact, at times I found the proceedings a challenge to watch; this is not a complaint but a testament to the quality of the script ... which made me feel as if I was witnessing a car crash in slow motion...."
           - Elvy Del Bianco, Audience Member, Green Thumb Theatre, Vancouver


Read this to see why PTE wanted to tell this story.

Video InterviewsAnn Hodges (Director), Tristan Carlucci (Jean), Ron Lea (Benoit) & Marina Stephenson Kerr (Kathleen)


Tristan Carlucci as Jean
Ron Lea as his father, Benoit
Marina Stephenson Kerr as his mother, Kathleen

Directed by Ann Hodges
Set & Costume Design:  Carole Klemm
Lighting Design:  Ereca Hassell
Composer:  Ian Hodges
Stage Manager:  Chris Pearce
Apprentice Stage Manager:  Sheena Sanderson
Apprentice Director:  Lia Zarrillo



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