Burnin’ Love

by Sharon Bajer
March 03, 2011 - March 20, 2011
Preview - March 02, 2011



Miriam Smith & Richard Waugh, and Chelsea Rankin & Zachary Stevenson


The King may have left the building, but he’s front and centre in this wild new play from local writer Sharon Bajer. Tina is hunting down her ex to be at the bedside of their comatose daughter Mary, whom he’d never, finally unloading her woes on an Elvis impersonator in a seedy bar. Meanwhile, Mary has made a friend on the other side – and he has great sideburns!  From the writer of Molly's Veil, this play tackles everything from fate to the pull of family -- the reason why Elvis will never really die.

Playwright Sharon Bajer talks about her newest play.

Video Interviews -- all the behind-the-scenes tidbits from the actors and director themselves

Audience Reaction -- From teens to Elvis himself, check out what the buzz was in the lobby opening night.

CBC Radio Review -- "...a definite crowd-pleaser, pleaser that brought an appreciative opening night audience (including an Elvis impersonator...) to their feet to say 'thank you... thank you ver' much.'"

Winnipeg Free Press Review -- "The King is dead, long live the Kings!"

Read the blog --There's a special guest visiting the rehearsal process, and she's blogging all about it at SANDBOX MAGAZINE. Kristy Kat will take you through the table-read, choreograpy, set-building and more!
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Running Time:  Approximately 2 hours 10 minutes (incl. one intermission)

Audience Advisory:  Stage fog & haze, strong language

Chelsea Rankin
Miriam Smith
Zachary Stevenson
Richard Waugh

Directed by:  Robert Metcalfe
Set & Costume Design:  Brian Perchaluk
Lighting Design:  Scott Henderson
Choreographer:  Jeffrey Kohut
Stage Manager:  Michelle Lagassé
Assistant Stage Manager:
  Melissa Novecosky

Sponsored by the Gail Asper Family Foundation