by Kenneth T Williams
March 31, 2011 - April 17, 2011
Preview - March 30, 2011




Lorne Cardinal from Corner Gas
Craig Lauzon from Royal Canadian Air Farce

It has to be a pretty bad week when a car-breakdown in a remote forest means things are finally looking up! Journalist cousins Isaac and Jacob have been estranged since their youth on the reservation. Now brought together by outrageous circumstances they are set to uncover the story of their careers -- if they don't kill each other first!  Starring acclaimed and gifted comedic actors Lorne Cardinal (Corner Gas) and Craig Lauzon (Royal Canadian Air Farce).

A Persephone Theatre / Theatre Network Co-Production

"Williams's script is very funny, and under the direction of Bradley Moss and DelSurjik, Lauzon and Cardinal turn in great comic performances... impossible not to laugh at." "Thunderstick makes for a fun ride." -- CBC Radio, Winnipeg

"Thunderstick is a gas.  Williams has a rare gift for brutal honesty, the kind of stuff you have to laugh at or you'd cry."
     - The (Saskatoon) Star Phoenix

"Kenneth T. Williams's Thunderstick is a real crowd pleaser... Williams seems to have a real hit on his hands. The audience laughed heartily from beginning to end." - Edmonton Sun

"Alternating between bouts of laughter that had my sides hurting and powerful moments that had tears rolling down my face, Thunderstick surprised me at every turn." - The Gateway

Playwright Kenneth T. Williams is blogging about THUNDERSTICK on CBC Manitoba Scene
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Why Bob Metcalfe likes this show

See the play a second time, for 25% off -- Cardinal and Lauzon will swap roles every night!

Running Time:  Approximately 2 hours (incl. one intermission)

Audience Advisory:  Stage fog and strong language 

Directors: Bradley Moss and Del Surjik

Set Designer: Marissa Kochanski

Lighting Designer: Mark von Eschen

Costume Designer: Jeff Chief

Sound Designer: Dave Clarke

Stage Manager: Cheryl Millikin


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