The Secret Mask

Rick Chafe
November 17, 2011 - December 04, 2011
Preview - November 16, 2011



George has waited 40 years to meet the jerk who abandoned him as a two-year-old.  Except when the phone finally rings, it's from a hospital in Vancouver.  Dad's had a stroke, and George is the only family member they could reach.  Putting his own life on hold for this man is not something George ever intended to do, but something draws him in. The story of fathers and sons and how a funny reconciliation happened on the way to getting even.

Running time:   2 hours, 20 minutes, one intermission.

"...engaging, heartbreaking, tragicomically funny, and one of the finest new locally-penned plays to hit the stage in recent years." -- CBC Manitoba Scene
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"...there is no escaping the forceful narrative pull of Rick Chafe's The Secret Mask."  "...John B. Lowe...steps into the spotlight with a brilliant performance. " -- Winnipeg Free Press
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MEET THE ACTORS & PLAYWRIGHT -- In these behind-the-scenes video interviews, actors Sharon Bajer, Skye Brandon and John B. Lowe talk about their characters and bringing a brand-new play to life.  Playwright Rick Chafe tells you about the personal connection of this play.

BOB SAYS -- Artistic Director Robert Metcalfe is also the director of The Secret Mask. In this video interview, he talks about what drew him to comission Rick Chafe to write the play for PTE.

Wednesday, November 23 at 12:30 pm
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Director:  Robert Metcalfe
Set & Costume Designer:  Brian Perchaluk
Lighting Designer:  Larry Isacoff
Original Sound & Music Design by Don Benedictson
Stage Manager:  Karyn Kumhyr
Apprentice Stage Manager:  Heather Lee Brereton

Sharon Bajer               Mae
Skye Brandon             George
John B. Lowe              Ernie


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