The Brink

by Ellen Peterson
October 11, 2012 - October 28, 2012
Preview - October 10, 2012
A quirky family drama about standing on the edge of something new

World Premiere No. 140 for PTE

“It was bad enough having a famous brother, then they’d start asking about My Mother the Daredevil.  I wanted to die.”

Pat has always lived in the shadow of famous family members: a grandmother who went over Niagara Falls in a barrel in 1910; an uncle who was almost an Olympic pole vaulter (if the 1940 Olympics hadn’t been cancelled) and then a survivor of a Japanese POW camp; and a notorious wild-child of a mother.  And yet, even as mankind stands poised to walk on the moon, and the world is on the brink of an explosion of technology, Pat can’t seem to gather the courage to make any kind of leap at all.  Is trying to save the family print shop from extinction enough of a life, or should she take the advice of an American soldier hiding out from the Vietnam war and finally step over the brink to something different?

Playwright Ellen Peterson says: 

“There are several “brinks” in the play.  The year is 1969 so the play also features a woman who went over the falls in a barrel in 1910, a deserter from the US Army, the moon launch, a business facing bankruptcy, and a young woman (the protagonist) who can’t bring herself to make any kind of leap at all.” 

Ellen is blogging from the rehearsal hall! Get an insider's view at Notes from the Rehearsal Hall.

Artistic Director Robert Metcalfe says:

“Ellen is covering a lot of interesting ground in this play.  I love that among the personal dynamics and family history pushing and pulling the characters, there is an underlying notion that the world was changing forever.  The industrial age in Canada was about to give way to the information age, the tidal wave of boomers was shifting society and things would never be the same again.  For any of us.”

Video - Bob talks about The Brink and life-changing decisions

Video Interviews -- The cast of The Brink talk about their characters and what it takes to bring them to life.

Directed by: Robert Metcalfe
Sets & Costumes by: Brian Perchaluk
Lighting Design by: Scott Henderson
Original Music & Sound by: Don Benedictson
Stage Manager: Karyn Kumhyr
Assistant Stage Manager: Kathryn Ball

Evan Hall
Megan McArton
Steven Ratzlaff
Jan Skene
RobYn Slade

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