The Swearing Jar

by Kate Hewlett
November 15, 2012 - December 02, 2012
Preview - November 14, 2012

Professional Premiere

“…can we just enjoy this moment? We’re having a baby. And my mother actually smiled for four and a half seconds.”

Meet Carey and Simon, an otherwise-perfect married couple with a bit of a swearing problem that they're determined to kick by the time their baby is born.  If only that were their biggest problem.  Simon has a secret.  And Carey has a new friend – a musician named Owen that she met at a bookstore. With quirky characters, original songs and gentle humour, this lovely and intricately-constructed story is about meeting challenges head-on and finding hope. 

Winner of Best of Fringe at the 2008 Toronto Fringe Festival, and Outstanding New Play at the 2010 New York International Fringe Festival, this is a newly-updated full-length production.

Audience Advisory:  Swearing

Featuring 9 original songs, sung by Carey, accompanied by Owen on acoustic guitar, including You, The Night We Met, May the 4th and Awkward. Hear them on by clicking on a song.

Artistic Director Robert Metcalfe says:

“This is a play about hope and love, told with such a unique voice that I found it absolutely irresistible.  Full of wit, humour and music, this is more than a clever script, it’s a tiny piece of magic to end the season with.”

Video -- Bob talks about The Swearing Jar and theatre magic

Video Interviews -- The cast of The Swearing Jar talk about their characters and what it takes to bring them to life.

Director:  Stewart Arnott
Set & Costume Designer:  Jackie Chau
Lighting Designer:  Larry Isacoff
Stage Manager:  Melissa Novecosky
Assistant Stage Manager:  Leslie Sidley

Terri Cherniack                       Bev
Sarah Constible                      Carey
Gabriel Gosselin                     Simon
Christopher Stanton                Owen

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