The Valley

by Joan MacLeod
February 27, 2014 - March 16, 2014
Preview - February 26, 2014

“… a close, clear-eyed look at our society – one where individual rights and freedoms are constantly clashing with the desire to protect, at home and on the streets.” – Globe and Mail

"...a stunning piece of theatre." --

An altercation on a Vancouver SkyTrain between a police officer and a severely-depressed teenager escalates into violence – and the young man is injured. The event sends ripples out through the community, sending the two families into deeper examinations of what they hold dear, long after the injury has healed. Was it police brutality, or a cop just trying to do his job – which more and more involves being on the front lines of dealing with the mentally ill?  Ultimately, it is an exploration of how taking responsibility for our actions becomes a measure of maturity, about the painful experience of "growing up", and how that process never really stops. A timely and thought-provoking play about the power of forgiveness, written by one of Canada's most important playwrights. 

Approximate runtime:  2 hours, one intermission

STUDENT MATINEES - Wednesday at 12:30, March 5 and March 12
$10 per ticket, teachers free with 25 students

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Bob says: “I like this play because it shines a light on a complicated issue in a very human way. We get to see deeper into the lives of the characters after a serious life-altering incident, and we have all our assumptions shatter, rebuild and shatter again.”

>> Video:  Bob talks about The Valley

Director:  Ann Hodges
Set & Costume Designer:  Brian Perchaluk
Lighting Designer:  Scott Henderson
Original Music Composed by Ian Hodges
Fight Choreographer:  Jacqueline Loewen
Stage Manager:  Chris Pearce
Assistant Stage Manager:  Lisa Nelson


Alden Adair                            Dan
Toby Hughes                         Connor
Nancy Sorel                           Sharon
Elizabeth Stephensen         Janie


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