by Ken Cameron
April 03, 2014 - April 20, 2014
Preview - April 02, 2014

                     Tom Anniko & Megan McArton, photos by Bruce Monk

"...brilliantly crafted, funny, witty, and intelligent.  Harvest is a gem for all ” -- St. Thomas Times Journal

All that Allan and Charlotte Duncanson want is to be able to move into their retirement condo in the city, secure in the knowledge that the farm house in which they raised their family is being looked after in their absence.  That modest dream goes to pot – literally – when the nice young airline pilot to whom they rented the house turns it into a grow op.  Based on true events that happened to the playwright’s parents, Harvest is an endearing depiction of a lovingly-quarrelsome couple who face adversity with wit and perseverance, ultimately rediscovering their deep and abiding love for each other. Two veteran actors are given tour-de-force opportunities as they play all the characters in this country comedy, from drug dealers to insurance executives to church ladies, reaping comedy gold.

>> VIDEO: Sneak Peek Scene Excerpt

Approximate Running Time:  1 hour, 40 minutes, one intermission


Wednesday, April 16 at 2 pm - Tickets only $20

Bob Says:  “There’s something inherently humourous about the combination of retirement-age people and marijuana.  And the fact that this is something that actually happened to Ken Cameron’s parents just makes it funnier!"

>>Video: Bob talks about why he choose Harvest and scheduled it for this time of year

>>Videos: Tom Anniko and Megan McArton talk about their characters and the rehearsal process

Directed by Arne MacPherson
Set & Costumes Design: Brian Perchaluk
Lighting Design: Larry Isacoff
Original Music Composed by Greg Lowe
Assistant Director: Andraea Sartinson
Stage Manager: Michelle Lagassé
Apprentice Stage Manager: Ayden Buss

Tom Anniko
Megan McArton


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