Small Things

by Daniel MacIvor
October 16, 2014 - November 02, 2014
Preview - October 15, 2014

A World Premiere

Patricia, a woman of grace and good breeding, moves to a grand house in a small town, hiring Birdy, a woman from the poor end of the same street, as her housekeeper. Polar opposites in personality and circumstances, their uneasy relationship becomes strained when Patricia takes an interest in Birdy’s daughter, Dell. An exploration of how it’s really just small things that can keep us from understanding each other.

Running Time: 90 minutes

"Daniel MacIvor's plays have been labelled everything from postmodern to metatheatrical, but these are cold terms that do nothing to capture the warm, accessible soul of a writer whose honesty and compassion for both audiences and his characters is at the heart of all his work." Variety

Bob says: “When we commissioned Daniel, we knew he would bring something special to PTE -- and he has. He is one of our country’s leading playwrights with an outstanding body of work and I’m looking forward to directing this new drama to kick off the season.”

Daniel MacIvor says: Prairie Theatre Exchange has become my Prairie home and I'm thrilled to have another chance to work with the excellent PTE team in premiering this commission for their engaged and supportive audience."

  • What the critics say

    "....a play with plenty of heart....plenty of laughs..." - CBC (see more comments)

    “I would be hard-pressed to remember watching a play…that had such warmth, heart and humour…” -- Only In the Peg

    Four Stars -- Winnipeg Free Press

    "What sets this play MacIvor's eye for distinct characters and his ear for whip-smart dialogue" -- Life in the 204

  • What our audience says

    "Bravo @PrairieTheatre, what a splendid premiere of Small Things that was. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment." - Mike Green (see more comments)

    "Just saw Daniel MacIvor's new play, SMALL THINGS, at Prairie Theatre Exchange tonight. What a wonderful start to their season. One of the things it's about is how we're not all as divided as we think. All... of the performances were strong and authentic, but it was hard to take my eyes off of Barbara Gordon. Watching her transformation from a snooty city lady to hippie, "toast loving" gal made for a magical experience. Kudos to PTE for commissioning this." - Greg Klassen

    "Great start to the season." - Tam Ruther

    "It was fantastic! :)" - Shyanne Mattey

    "I so enjoyed Small Things. I wanted to stay involved in their lives for much much longer. Superb acting, perfect timing. Loved it. What a great way to start the new season. Thanks, PTE, you never disappoint!" - Lynda Gilchuk

    "I loved it!! Me and my friend were laughing so much!! Job well done by everyone! And now thinking about toast makes me laugh." - Reba T

  • BLOG - Notes From the Rehearsal Hall

    Actor Ellen Peterson (Birdy) takes you into the rehearsal process, talking about what she loves about tablework, why there's more to rehearsing than memorizing lines and why tech week is so tiring and exhilarating at the same time. And why Stage Managers rock!
  • VIDEO - Scene Excerpt

    "Elaine's nice. Did you mind the twitch?"
  • VIDEO - Bob Speaks

    Artistic Director Robert Metcalfe chats about why he chose a new play by Daniel MacIvor to open the PTE 2014-2015 season.

Directed by Robert Metcalfe
Set Design: Brian Perchaluk
Costume Design: Jamie Plummer
Lighting Design: Larry Isacoff
Music Composed by: Greg Lowe
Stage Manager: Karyn Kumhyr
Assistant Stage Manager: Candace Maxwell

Barbara Gordon             Patricia
Ellen Peterson               Birdy
Alissa Watson               Dell

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