Little Thing, Big Thing

Donal O'Kelly
October 15, 2015 - November 01, 2015
Preview - October 14, 2015
A fun and thrilling chase through the back roads of Ireland

“It’s far-fetched and fun, played at a lightning pace… if it’s light-hearted fun with a touch of madness you’re after, it’s here in spades.”
              - No More Workhorse, Dublin

“…cloak-and-dagger comedy with a pure but unsentimental heart and a social conscience…”

“… a play about goodness, guilt and the willingness to get away with anything, it has an ending that will stop you short, right before it makes you think.”
              -- New York Times

Sister Martha and Larry, the ex-con, discover that little things have the power to become big things as they find themselves at the centre of Big Oil corruption. Entrusted with an incriminating film canister by a child in Nigeria, Sister Martha returns to the Emerald Isle and ends up on the run with Larry, just out of prison for stealing a ton of cannabis, as an unlikely accomplice. Follow them on a madcap adventure through the back roads of Ireland and the narrow streets of Dublin, as they race towards justice and run for their lives

Running time: approximately 105 minutes
with one intermission

Audience Advisory: Strong language, recorded gunshots

Bob Says: “PTE is primarily focused on Canadian plays, but when I found the script for Little Thing, Big Thing, I knew that it belonged on our stage. The story is a roller coaster ride, and when you add in having two actors switching roles at the drop of a hat, it ramps up the excitement of the event. This show is still a hit onstage in Ireland. Playwright, Donal O’Kelly will be in Winnipeg to see the Prairie Theatre Exchange production.”

  • What the critics say

    Four Stars, "Little Thing, Big Thing is a dark, funny and unpredictable caper" -- Winnipeg Free Press (See more comments)

    "O'Kelly is a remarkably gifted wordsmith. He blends snappy, and often very funny, dialogue with a staccato, machine gun-rapid narration from the two main characters, giving the play an intriguingly poetic quality. And it all culminates in a conclusion that's genuinely surprising, yet entirely satisfying." -- CBC

    "... the only predictable aspect of O’Kelly’s play is how consistently unpredictable it is. It’s a blend of farce and star-crossed romance and political thriller, laced with flights of poetry." - Winnipeg Free Press

  • What our audience says

    "Loved 'Little Thing, Big Thing' @PrairieTheatre last night! Kept me on my toes for the entire show, plus A+ acting and direction. See it!" - Liz Whitbread (see more comments)
    "It was hilarious and well done." - Linda Davies
    "I really enjoyed the show. Well done!!" - Talia Pura
    "It is delightful..a real treat!" - Susan RoeFin

    "It was fast paced and funny, and the acting was superb. Check it out if you get a chance!" - Keri Latimer

    "It is fabulous…thought-provoking….fun…sad… and inspiring!!...There are so many layers to this play.
    This is a play that needs to be seen, and seen more than once. This play had so many twists and surprises. I was most surprised and touched by the ending! When I tried to describe it to my son…I was nearly in tears again. To have the hope that the negative/picture was going to get to where it belonged was amazing!

    To have a very “little” person about to do an incredibly “big” thing makes you realize that one person CAN make a difference…there is always hope!! A fabulous play to start the season with.
    I am looking forward to the rest of the season."


  • VIDEO - Scene Excerpt

    "You look a holy show. Why?"
  • BLOG - Notes from the Rehearsal Hall

    Director Sharon Bajer fills you in on her directing decisions for the show, and her trip to Ireland to see the original production.

Gordon Gammie - Larry
Jennifer Lyon - Sister Martha

Director: Sharon Bajer
Set & Costume Designer: Jamie Plummer                              
Lighting Designer: Larry Isacoff        
Sound & Video Designer: Chris Coyne
Dialect Coach: Tom Soares
Stage Manager: Leslie Sidley
Assistant Stage Manager: Brett Mikulik
Assistant to the Director: Andrew Sanger

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