Marriage: A Demolition in Two Acts

Rick Chafe
March 17, 2016 - April 03, 2016
Preview - March 16, 2016
Saving a marriage by gutting the kitchen...what could possibly go wrong?

"...right up until its satisfying end, Chafe delivers comedy that has more than a bit of the bite of truth and real life to it. This demolition is a solid crowd-pleaser." – CBC Radio

World Premiere

Wayne and Julie embark on that emotional roller-coaster ride known as “renovating the kitchen”, when they should probably be renovating their marriage instead. Their contractors are a twenty-something couple who have issues of their own. A hilarious new play that looks at renovation addiction, the friction between baby-boomers and millenials, and the nature of lifelong commitment in marriage...and kitchen cabinet choices.

The perfect comedy for anyone who has survived a home renovation project.

Running Time: 2 hours 15 minutes (including intermission)

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Wednesday, March 30 at 2 pm

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  • VIDEO - Robert Metcalfe talks about the show

    Why a "small reno" is just like a unicorn...
  • What the critics say

    "Rick Chafe comedy nails domestic dynamic. Marital strife meets kitchen renos, hilarity falls close to home" - Winnipeg Free Press (see more comments)

    "This demolition is a solid crowd-pleaser." - CBC
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    "The antics emanating from the set design are worth the ticket price alone. The stamina of the actors is amazing in this fast-paced, cleverly written treatise of modern life." - Heather Emberley, Community News Commons 
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    "If it happens that you've attempted improvements on an old house in Wolseley, the laughs — and maybe a sense of uneasy familiarity — may hit even closer to home."  - Winnipeg Free Press
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    "Of course, this transformation does not occur without a few lively and hilarious battles, first occurring within the couples and later between them, all in the midst of a very real environment created with Winnipeg local flavor." - Rebecca Danos: A Harmonic Analysis
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    "A hilarious play. It all makes for great fun" - Only in the Peg   
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  • What our audience says

    "Rick Chafe has written a fun, quirky comedy with some underlying terror. MARRIAGE: A DEMOLITION IN TWO ACTS (PTE) was a perfect end to my day! Winnipeg theatre rocks!" - Heather Madill (see more comments)

    "A must see!" - Sonora Lipeshky

    "Just saw it -- funny and touching. What a great production to close off the season." - Prairie Gypsy

    "MARRIAGE: A DEMOLITION IN TWO ACTS by Rick Chafe is a riotous comedy. Definitely a must see." - George Bass, QC, ICD.D

    "Saw it last night. It was hilarious!" - Maxine Zabenskie


  • VIDEO - Go behind-the-scenes

    Shaw TV's Blair Malazdrewich and PTE's Productio Manager Wayne Buss take you backstage to see what makes the set for the show really tick.
  • VIDEO - Scene Excerpt

    "You have to get over this idea that a budget is carved in stone."

The Playwright Says: “It's kind of a state-of-two-unions report: a 20-something couple that might start a marriage, and a pair of Boomers whose marriage may have just about run out of rope. It's about being baffled over what we've become, fearing what we might yet become, and a kitchen reno gone terribly wrong.”

Bob Says: “The Playwrights Unit at PTE is a relatively recent initiative, so it’s incredible to see the amount of quality work that the members have created. Being able to watch a play from its stuttering beginnings to full production is very fulfilling. While Rick’s last play at PTE, The Secret Mask was a drama, albeit full of humour, this new script is a raucous comedy that will close our season. I’m looking forward to the challenge of bringing this to our audiences in my role as director. I have a long list of home repairs that I’ll tackle over the summer for research. It will help me determine just how much swearing is appropriate for the situation."


Tom Anniko
Erin McGrath
Justin Otto
Marina Stephenson Kerr

Directed by Robert Metcalfe
Set & Costume Design: Brian Perchaluk
Lighting Design: Scott Henderson
Original Music Composed by Greg Lowe
Stage Manager: Melissa Novecosky
Assistant Stage Manager: Chris Pearce
Assistant to the Director: Andrew Sanger

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