Mom's the Word

Linda Carson, Jill Daum, Alison Kelly, Robin Nichol, Barbara Pollard & Deborah Williams
November 10, 2016 - November 27, 2016
Preview - November 09, 2016
The comedy that proves motherhood is not for the faint-of-heart

A wildly funny, deeply touching, straight-from-the-heart exploration of motherhood – the good, the bad, and the oh-so-ugly – told through stories, “mom”-ologues and anecdotes, all gleaned from personal experience. A new cast of performer-parents illustrate, in the funniest possible way, what it means to be a mom right now. It’s the perfect play for anyone who is a mom, wants to be a mom, or who has a mom you once spit up on.

In partnership with The Belfry Theatre

“I can’t remember an audience enjoying itself as much. Anyone who currently has, once had, or plans ever to have children should see this show for the horrible, hilarious truths it tells about parenting—and for the remarkably astute and talented women who’ve turned messy motherhood into achingly funny art.”  –

Running time: 1 hour 50 minutes, with one intermission


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Bob Says: “I first saw this play in the 90s, when my children were still very young, and it really spoke to me. When I read it again recently, I was surprised at how much it still resonates with me. Of course it’s hilariously funny, but it’s also touching and genuine, with true emotional impact. I’m looking forward to introducing it to a new generation of parents, but I also think it will remind those of us whose small-child parenting days are behind us, just what an incredible journey we took with our little ones.”
  • What the critics say

    "It's easy to see why this play has endured for more than two decades — it’s honest, it's funny, and even non-moms will find lots to enjoy here." - CBC Manitoba

    “…a wild ride through momdom… played for big, bawdy laughs — and there are plenty of them.”
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    "The thing that I loved the most about Mom's the Word, though, was the focus on empowerment through storytelling." - Alyson Shane, In My Community
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  • What our audience says

    "Absolutely every parent, or couple planning to become parents, needs to get to this play! So hilarious! Roll on the floor-tears running down your face funny !!!" - Facebook post from Say What Niverville

    "MOM'S THE WORD is hilarious because it's all true!" - Mary Horodyski

    "Just saw MOM'S THE WORD. I laughed so hard! Awesome & hilarious!" --Tiffany Taylor

    "We (heart) MOM'S THE WORD. An amazing ensemble cast who tickled our funny bones and tugged at our heart strings. Brava!" - n. g. near

    "Loved MOM'S THE WORD at Prairie Theatre Exchange - SO funny and relatable as a mom! 10 days left - go see it! - Sherry K

    "Saw this play tonight. I was blown away by the talent of the cast, so much so, I want to see it again!! Love their humour and especially how they displayed their individual talents...Bravo !!" - Randy Heatherington

    “Loved it, lots to relate to...even after all these years!” - Kate Hockridge

    “Saw this on Tuesday and laughed all the way through! Every mother can relate to something in this play. I could relate to many things. LOL” - Debbie McCaffrey

    Standing ovation for Mom’s the Word. Laughed and cried. Then laughed some more.” - Susan Tymofichuk

    “The play exceeded my expectations for sure. All moms should see it. Also those who need a good laugh!” - Mary Neufeld


  • VIDEO - An interview with an "original" & a "current" Mom

    Trish Cooper (current "Mom") and Deborah Williams ("original" Mom and co-creator of MOM'S THE WORD) chat about why the show resonates so strongly
  • VIDEO - Robert Metcalfe talks about the show

    If the terms "mush brain" or "diaper soup" have any meaning for you, Bob says this play is for you!

Trish Cooper
Sarah Donald
Yumi Ogawa
Jenny Wasko-Paterson
Lisa C. Ravensbergen

Director: Michael Shamata
Assistant Director: Deborah Williams
Set & Costume Design: Pam Johnson
Lighting Design: Bryan Kenny
Sound Design: Paul Tedeschini
Movement Coach: Jessica Hickman
Stage Manager: Sara Robb
Assistant Stage Manager: Ntara Curry

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