by Joan MacLeod
October 12, 2017 - October 29, 2017
Preview - October 11, 2017
A gripping and tender story about growing up “unusual”

Gracie was born into a polygamous community, and brought across the US border to Bountiful, BC at the age of eight, when her mother became the eighteenth wife of an elder there. A lively and irrepressible child, her world is full of faith and family, but by the time she is fifteen, and at marriageable age, she feels increasing pressure to conform. Will she dare to take the leap and step into the outside world? In this stunning new play, we see the world through Gracie’s eyes, presented with deep empathy and compassion by Governor General Award-winning playwright Joan MacLeod.

Run Time: approximately 80 minutes
There is NO intermission for this show.

“Gracie, both the character and the play, are so accessible that we feel haunted by what we glimpse in these 90 minutes together.” – Calgary Herald

Bob says: “Joan MacLeod is one of the best playwrights working in Canada today. She is intelligent and adept at looking into the heart of her characters. She has written a fascinating look at the life of a young girl who is discovering her own power. Gracie might appear to be defined by crossing into that community, but she discovers who she truly is as she contemplates an alternate path, which may lead outside the world she knows.”

  • What the Critics Say

    "Through Gracie’s monologues and conversations she recounts with friends and family, we get a powerful and sympathetic portrait of this young girl as she painfully transitions to womanhood...." - Winnipeg Free Press

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    "Hill is consistently engrossing. It is, simply put, strangely graceful"- CBC Manitoba
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    "As a one-person play, Samantha Hill carries the unfolding of Gracie’s world and experiences with believable aplomb. Gracie is feisty and funny and has decided opinions of her own. As an audience, we like and root for Gracie from the beginning of the play to the very end, as she embarks on a new life."
    - Downtown Peggy
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    "I highly recommend catching it before it's gone. Not only is it a tremendously good play, but it's a fascinating and highly entertaining exploration of a lesser-known religious subculture." - Alyson Shane, In My Community
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  • What the Audience says

    "Samantha Hill did an amazing job and her flawless delivery made the 90minutes with no intermission fly by. Another winner at PTE - everyone should see this play." - Leslie Hancock

    "Saw Gracie last night and was mesmerized....excellent acting, show and especially show choice. You rocked that one, PTE." - Alice Young

    "Samantha Hill does an amazing job in the role of Gracie...well done!" - Gayle Cilinsky

    "It was a wonderful play and she did a superb job, simply perfection!" - Maureen Eskow

    "Saw Prairie Theatre Exchange’s Gracie on Saturday! Beautifully written, designed, directed & acted. One more week to catch it!!" – wrenbrian

    "Samantha Hill is a force to be reckoned with as PTE's Gracie. see this beauty of a story while you still can." - Pamela Roz

    "Samantha Hill was INCREDIBLE in PTE’s Gracie tonight. Congrats!" - Carson Natrass

    "Gracie brought me to tears. Such an amazing job." - Melissa Marie Hansen

    "Great play, Samantha Hill was fantastic!" - Janet Scarth


Samantha Hill as Gracie

Director: Robert Metcalfe
Set Designer: Brian Perchaluk
Costume Designer: Brenda McLean
Lighting Designer: Larry Isacoff
Original Music & Sound Design: Don Benedictson
Stage Manager: Chris Pearce
Apprentice Stage Manager: Laura Gow
Assistant Director: Dora Carroll

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