How the Heavens Go

by Joseph Aragon
March 01, 2018 - March 18, 2018
Preview - February 28, 2018
A play that searches for wonder where science and the soul collide.

Mary and Robert are very old, very dear friends. And now Mary is undergoing an experimental drug treatment that causes her to see the impossible – the vibrating structures of energy that make up all matter. As her visions begin to take a toll on her health, will Robert, a physicist, join her quest for knowledge at the expense of her well-being? And is there something more than friendship between them?

World Premiere

“Creativity and madness often go hand in hand. Revelation and eccentricity. Einstein! Smartest guy in history, turns the world upside down with his revelations, shows up to a party one day without pants.”- Mary, How the Heavens Go

Bob says: “Scientific inquiry has allowed us to see and understand more and more about how our world works. Many discoveries are beyond our ability to physically experience, and it’s becoming harder for us to even imagine what is being discovered. It requires a kind of faith to believe in that which can’t be seen. But at the heart of this play is a relationship between two people, and we find that it’s not just the unseen things in our world that are inexplicable -- there are things in our relationships that can’t be explained. It’s like a vibrating string of energy.”

  • VIDEOS - Behind the Scenes

    Take a peek behind the scenes of HOW THE HEAVENS GO, with CTV's Rachelle Lagacé

    VIDEO 1 - PTE's Director of Publicity, Jenna Khan chats about the relationship at the heart of the play, the science, and stage magic from designers

    VIDEO 2 - Playwright Joseph Aragon and director Robert Metcalfe explain the development of the play and how it came to be

    VIDEO 3 - Jamie Plummer, the set & costume designer, reveals some tidbits about her design decisions

    VIDEO 4 - Wayne Buss, PTE's Production Manager takes you backstage to a key element in creating the play's atmosphere: fog!

    VIDEO 5 - Meet two members of the cast of How the Heavens Go: Debbie Patterson & Ross McMillan

Ross McMillan
Debbie Patterson
Daria Puttaert

Director: Robert Metcalfe
Set & Costume Designer: Jamie Plummer
Lighting Designer: Scott Henderson
Original Music: Danny Carroll
Stage Manager: Michelle Lagassé
Assistant Stage Manager: Kathryn Ball

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