Fly Me to the Moon

by Marie Jones
April 05, 2018 - April 22, 2018
Preview - April 04, 2018
A merrily-twisted tale of a workday gone from bad to so much worse

Francis and Loretta are homecare workers in Belfast. Their charge is an elderly man named Davy who has a passion for Frank Sinatra and betting on the ponies. When Davy passes on in the loo, leaving an unclaimed winning race ticket on his bureau, the temptation for the cash-strapped pair is too great. Francis and Loretta are thrown into a hilariously wild day-long ride of misadventure and lies as they desperately try to undo what they’ve done -- only to see it all spiral out of control with typical Irish bitingly black comedy.

“It's all farcical and comical, full of spit and vinegar, but underneath it all is a long hard look at modern First World poverty and the things we do to just get by in daily life.” – Prince George Citizen

Running time: approximately 2 hours, with one intermission

Audience Advisory: Strong Language

Bob Says: “These two women, worn down by their circumstances in life, see a tiny opportunity to escape their worlds and it turns into total shambles – in a very funny way. People trying to do the wrong thing is often funny, but people trying to do the right thing is even funnier.”

Ellen Peterson - Francis
Melanie Whyte - Loretta
Toby Hughes - Jason (voice-over)

Director: Sharon Bajer
Set & Costume Designer: Brian Perchaluk
Lighting Designer: Scott Henderson
Stage Manager: Leslie Watson
Assistant Stage Manager: Michael Duggan
Text & Dialogue Coach: Shannon Vickers

  • VIDEO-Scene Excerpt

    Meet Francis & Loretta, two cash-strapped home care workers in Belfast, just before their lives get whipped into chaos.

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