90 Seconds to Breathe

New music by Deanna H. Choi

Photography &video by Hazel Venzon


An invitation to slow down, to listen, and to breathe.

At a time when our physical theatre is dark, PTE is launching INHALE/EXHALE – 90 Seconds to Breathe, our way of reflecting during and on this time. Take a breath, have a listen, and imagine. Beginning April 6th, we will be releasing two short videos a week, on Mondays & Fridays at 11:00 AM, for five weeks -- inviting you to slow down, to listen, to breathe.

INHALE/EXHALE – 90 Seconds to Breathe is a collaboration of musical compositions Deanna H. Choi (Happy Place) and photography by Hazel Venzon (PTE's artistic associate), featuring our isolated Winnipeg as the subject. With Deanna in Toroto and Hazel in Winnipeg, the combination of their work is an exchange of impressions of this time we’re living in and through.

From Thomas Morgan Jones, PTE Artistic Director:

"The more I spoke to artists, friends, and family across the country, the more I got a sense of certain emotions accelerating in our isolation: anxiety, sadness, fear, loneliness. It was and is becoming difficult for people to breathe. And so, the idea for this project came from that place, a place of apnea amidst the chaos. My instinct was to bring together images of our home and community here in Winnipeg, coupled with the experience of an artist from another part of the country, to create an artistic exchange on this time that would also be a meditation. What Hazel and Deanna have created together is beautiful, urgent, and necessary, and could only have been created now."