At Prairie Theatre Exchange, we are committed to working with, celebrating, amplifying, and creating safe spaces for BIPOC artists, audiences, and communities. 

As a historically white organization, we are committed to looking inward to identify systemic racism and systems of oppression, and then to dismantling them. As a company, we are in fundamental and foundational discussions about who we are and who we aspire to be. We are listening, and we are taking action.  >> Update on our actions 

As a not-for-profit arts organization and a contemporary theatre company, Prairie Theatre Exchange is dedicated to transparency. In the spirit of transparency, we are sharing our plans to ensure our company is working in ethical, equitable, and anti-racist ways and practices. We know, from a place of humility, that as we engage in this work we will inevitably falter. Our company is welcoming of all questions, criticisms, and every opportunity that allows us to engage in this work. 

We are constantly assessing the impact our decisions and actions have on artists and audiences. We are grateful to our artistic community for all the ways they have reached out to us to share their perspectives, questions and concerns and we sincerely apologize for actions that have caused turmoil and harm. We have heard you and have considered all your thoughts with great care. This is a time of change, and we are unflinching in our resolve to be a positive part of that change.


The following are ways you can reach PTE with concerns or ideas:

Contacting our Artistic Director at

Contacting our Managing Director at

Contacting our Board of Directors at

Contacting third party mediator Priti Shah at