COVID 19 - Health & Safety Protocols

Last updated: April 1, 2022. Check back for future updates!


Prairie Theatre Exchange is dedicated to the health and welfare of everyone who enters our space. Based consultation with our subscribers, who purchased tickets to the season with the understanding that there would be safety protocols, a decision has been made to extend those protocols to the end of the season.

The COVID-19 protocols for the upcoming performances of Outside Joke: The Improvised Musical are below.



  • PTE requires all patrons attending a performance at PTE to show proof of full vaccination in the form of the Manitoba Immunization card/QR code
  • All staff, artists, crew, board, and volunteers are also required to provide proof of full vaccination
  • Children born before December  31, 2009 are exempt from this requirement
  • Persons who produce proof from the Government of Manitoba that there is a medical reason for the person not to receive a vaccine for COVID-19 are exempt from this requirement



Mask use is required at all times. Masks must cover the nose, mouth, and chin without gapping.

The following exceptions apply:

  • Children under the age of five
  • Anyone with a condition that is unrelated to COVID-19, including breathing or cognitive difficulties, or a disability, that prevents them from safely wearing a mask
  • Anyone who is unable to put on or remove a mask without the assistance of another person
  • Any artist who is actively giving a performance (including during rehearsals)
  • Anyone who needs to temporarily remove their mask to consume food or drink or for an emergency medical purpose



  • Patrons should have their Manitoba Immunization Card (physical or digital) ready along with photo ID to verify identity by PTE staff.
  • Your Manitoba Immunization Card & ID will be checked outside the PTE space, near the escalators, prior to your arrival at the PTE doors.
  • Tickets: We strongly recommend digital tickets to limit physical contact.



  • Physical distancing is strongly recommended

  • The seating capacity in the theatre has been reduced to allow some distance between groups of patrons



  • Hand sanitizing stations are located throughout the facility. Please use them regularly.



  • The theatre, lobby, and washrooms will be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly before your arrival and during the performance, including frequent touchpoints like door handles and counters and key areas like restrooms.



  • We will have digital programs available on our website for you to access for each play. A limited number of programs will be printed for those who prefer them.



  • We will have a limited drink menu available. Beverages must only be consumed while seated in your theatre seats. No snacks at this time.



  • Patrons who experience symptoms of COVID-19, the flu or a cold should not enter the venue. If you or any household members have any symptoms of COVID-19, you should remain at home and plan to get tested as soon as possible.
  • We ask that you take the MB Government self-assessment before you arrive: 



We ask you to do your part by observing all protocols during your time here. If you have any questions, please contact the Box Office at 204-942-5483 or