Things to know


Scents, Sensibilities...and Allergies
A number of our patrons have indicated that they suffer from severe sensitivities to perfumed products around them, including allergic reactions.  Please think of your fellow patrons, and consider refraining from wearing perfume or strongly scented personal products to the theatre.

Prairie Theatre Exchange will seat latecomers at the first suitable opportunity and in a location so as not to disturb our patrons or artists.

Babes in Arms
Please be advised that in consideration of all our patrons and our artists, babes in arms are not permitted, except for shows specifically geared for children.

Gender Inclusive Washrooms
The washrooms in our facility are no longer specifically designated as men or women. Urinals have been removed. All stalls now offer more privacy, with walls that come down much closer to the floor, and absolutely no gaps in the walls between stalls.