PTE's facility is full accessible, including the Box Office (wheelchair-height window), washrooms, lobby and lounge.

Because the first row of seats in PTE's theatre is level with the stage (you actually sit with your feet on the stage floor), there is easy access for those who are unable to climb stairs, as well as several wheelchair spots.

Railings on the stairs are in place to assist those who need the help to climb stairs.

Walkers can be stored with coats just inside the doors of the theatre, until needed to exit.

Hearing Assist:
An audio-enhancing hearing system is available for those with hearing challenges. The equipment is available at the lobby café.

Guide Dogs:
Guide dogs are welcome at PTE. Please let the Box Office know that you require an aisle seat, so that your guide dog has a comfortable place during the performance.

Gender-Inclusive Washrooms: 
All PTE washrooms are gender-inclusive. Public washrooms are located between the Box Office and PTE Lounge.

Relaxed Performances:
Relaxed performances are intended specifically to be sensitive to and welcoming of patrons who may benefit from a more relaxed environment, including, but not limited to, those on the autism  spectrum, with sensory and communication disorders, or with learning disabilities. The sounds and lights at a relaxed performance are slightly modified to be less startling, and the house lights are kept on at a low level throughout the performance to allow for safe movement around the theatre.

Attending a relaxed performance doesn’t mean you will see a different show. The same level of quality is maintained in all of our performances. We hope to provide a safe space for families and audience members to be who they are and enjoy the magic of theatre!

A Social Story has been prepared to guide you through the experience of attending the show at PTE.

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Photo: John B. Lowe, Skye Brandon, The Secret Mask (2011). Photo by Leif Norman