Student Matinees

Give the power of live theatre to your students.

Live theatre has a unique power to present an issue so that it resonates in a way no classroom setting or textbook can duplicate. Theatre can bring history to life, shed new light on complex issues and educate without preaching. Far beyond being a tool for just Language Arts and Drama teachers, theatre can help teachers in Science, History, Social Studies, Psychology and Canadian Studies add new dimensions to their curriculum.

Prairie Theatre Exchange is proud of our forty-plus years of presenting interesting and topical adult plays to Manitoba's high school students. In our intimate little theatre, our young audiences experience stories that have an impact and which extend the classroom curriculum into new and exciting realms.

Some of the benefits of including the PTE Season in your curriculum this year:

  • Post-performance discussions with the company for every show
  • Resource material for each performance researched and prepared to enhance the educational effect of the play on your class and curriculum
  • Complimentary tickets for accompanying teachers or supervisors
  • Access to supplementary workshops
  • Facility tours for groups of any size
  • Central location close to all bus routes

Audience Advisory:  Please note that the PTE season is comprised of plays written for an adult audience, and contain adult themes. In order for teachers to properly prepare their students, detailed information on adult-based themes are included in the study guides.

TICKETS:  $11 each (includes all fees and taxes)
Teachers come free with groups of 25 or more.

Please call Haanita Seval at (204) 925-5256 for more info or email


THE WALTZ by Marie Beath Badian
Wednesday, November 22, 2023 at 11 am

August 1993 – two 2nd generation Filippino Canadian teenagers unexpectedly meet at a rustic cabin in Northeast Saskatchewan, not realizing that they share a family history. Their mothers both came from the Philippines in 1967 to work at the same hospital in small-town Saskatchewan. Beatrice’s mother stayed and married the local hockey hero. Romeo’s family is in Ontario and he's heading to BC for university. Together they share one magical evening with a boom box under the magnificent Saskatchewan sky.

The Waltz continues the family story that began in Prairie Nurse (PTE, 2018)

For Black History Month

DIGGERS by Donna-Michelle St. Bernard
Thursday, February 29, 2024 at 11 am

A co-production with Black Theatre Workshop

There are those who stand apart by the merit of the work they do – whether they want to or not. Abdul and Solomon introduce newbie Bai to the intricacies and dignity of gravedigging for the town down the hill. But when illness hits the town in Sierra Leone, the three must make the best of a bad situation as their workload increases and their supports from the community diminish. Full of song, laughter, tears and beautiful humanity, Diggers is a tribute to essential workers.

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Banner photo: : Anthony Perpuse, Ericka Leobrera | Set & Costume Design: Jackie Chau | Lighting Designer: Michelle Ramsay | Photo by Dahlia Katz