Student Matinees

Give the power of live theatre to your students.

Live theatre has a unique power to present an issue so that it resonates in a way no classroom setting or textbook can duplicate. Theatre can bring history to life, shed new light on complex issues and educate without preaching. Far beyond being a tool for just Language Arts and Drama teachers, theatre can help teachers in Science, History, Social Studies, Psychology and Canadian Studies add new dimensions to their curriculum.

Prairie Theatre Exchange is proud of our twenty-plus years of presenting interesting and topical adult plays to Manitoba's high school students. In our intimate little theatre, our young audiences experience stories that have an impact and which extend the classroom curriculum into new and exciting realms.

Some of the benefits of including the PTE Season in your curriculum this year:

  • Post-performance discussions with the company for every show
  • Resource material for each performance researched and prepared to enhance the educational effect of the play on your class and curriculum
  • Complimentary tickets for accompanying teachers or supervisors
  • Access to supplementary workshops
  • Facility tours for groups of any size
  • Central location close to all bus routes

Audience Advisory:  Please note that the PTE season is comprised of plays written for an adult audience, and contain adult themes. In order for teachers to properly prepare their students, detailed information on adult-based themes are included in the study guides.

TICKETS:  $11 each (includes all fees and taxes)
Teachers come free with groups of 25 or more.

Please call Haanita Seval at (204) 925-5256 for more info.



By Makambe K. Simamba | Directed by Donna-Michelle St. Bernard

February 26, 2012, Florida. A 17-year-old Black boy wearing a hoodie leaves a 7/11 carrying a bag of Skittles and an iced tea, heading towards his father’s home in a gated community. It’s raining, so his hood is up. He meets a man on Neighborhood Watch. He never makes it home. Our Fathers,Sons, Lovers and Little Brothers invites us into the infamous world of one teen, sharing fragments of his life and his journey to what lies beyond his unexpected death.

Note: recommended 16+ (deals with content that may be difficult to some, including strong language, descriptions of drug use, racism, violence and death)

In-person screening at PTE of the film version of the play: February 15 at 11 am
Post-show TalkBack with the playwright/performer, Study Guide provided
Runtime: 70 minutes
Tickets: $11 per student, teachers free with groups of 25+

Virtual “Tour” of the film available online: February 1 – 19
Runtime: 70 minutes
Tickets: $4 per student

How the virtual “tour” works:

  • You will receive a link with an exclusive password to the video on Vimeo, which will be valid for 72 hours (you choose the dates from February 1 - 19)
  • The video can be viewed together in the classroom, or each student may use the password to access the show individually (run time: 70 minutes)
  • A complete Study Guide is provided

Wednesday, March 22 at 11 am


By Frances Koncan

Lyra is a social media star who has lived on the moon her entire life but feels the pull of the Earth. Escaping a deadly meteor shower lands her in the middle of the adventure of her life, giving her the chance to not only save Earth from certain destruction, but to discover her true self, hidden beneath the need for popularity and acceptance by her legion of followers. Space Girl is a quirky and hilarious journey from the moon and back, to find what really matters.

Note: recommended 14+

Runtime: 90 minutes, one intermission
Tickets: $11 per student, teachers complimentary with groups of 25
Study Guide will be provided

Banner photo: Makambe K. Simamba in OUR FATHERS, SONS, LOVERS AND LITTLE BROTHERS, photo by Cylla von Tiedemann | Set & Video Design: Trevor Schwellnus | Lighting Design: Andrea Lundy