The 2020 - 2021 Season

As we begin 2021, we're filled with a hopeful spirit and a reinvigorated commitment to telling stories and bringing theatre to life here at PTE.

The new year has also brought sobering news about where we are in the pandemic. It’s become clear that, once again, our plans must be revamped.

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If you were a subscriber last year, but don't yet have tickets for this year:

Tickets to the live performances of VOICE, and all of the digital productions will be sold on an individual basis, rather than as a subscription:

Live performances of VOICE: all tickets $40 for last year's subscribers (capacity will be limited by the health and safety restrictions at the time). Tickets will go on sale in April.

Digital productions of Post-Democracy, 1 Hour Photo and VOICE: all tickets are $20/individual and $35/family. Tickets will go on sale two weeks before each presentation becomes available for viewing.


If you already have tickets to shows this season:

Once again, we can offer you several options for the tickets that you’ve already purchased, some of which you can do right away. You can choose any combination of options if it suits your needs.

Maintain some of the tickets
If you would like to see the film of Post-Democracy and/or the live or digital performance of VOICE, we would be happy to arrange that for you. Because there are still details to be worked out before we’re able to do that, we’re asking you to wait for us to contact you.

We’ll be making calls at the beginning of March. At that time, we can arrange your tickets to any show you’d like to see and refund your ticket to Outside Joke at the same time. The options for gift certificates and donations will still be available as well.

NOTE: There will be a price reduction for the film versions of Post-Democracy and VOICE, and we can take care of that when we speak to you about your plans.

You can request a refund of the full price of not only Outside Joke, but also either or both of the other two mainstage shows for which you have tickets. You can arrange for the refund now by calling the PTE Box Office at 204-942-5483, Monday to Thursday, 1 – 4 pm.

Gift certificate
You can transfer some or all of your ticket value to a gift certificate, which you can then use to purchase tickets in the future, including to 1 Hour Photo or tickets for 2021-22. If this is your choice, you can call the PTE Box Office now at 204-942-5483, Monday to Thursday, 1 – 4 pm.

As in the past, you may choose to donate back to PTE some or all of your ticket value and receive a tax receipt. Call the PTE Box Office at any time at 204-942-5483, Monday to Thursday, 1 – 4 pm


Thank you so much for your patience, support and love.


Frequently Asked Questions