Convenient, heated underground parking

While there is street parking around Portage Place Shopping Centre, PTE highly recommends parking in the underground parkade at Portage Place itself. It's secure, patrolled and offers easy, direct access to PTE via Elevator A (near the Carlton Street entrance).

It's also one of the most reasonably-priced downtown parking lots - $8 for the evening (compare to $12-$14 around the Concert Hall).

Parking in the Portage Place Parkade:
Simply enter the lot off either Vaughan or Carlton Streets, park and pay before coming upstairs. Your license plate is automatically noted electronically as you enter. There are 12 payment machines throughout the two levels of the parkade (similar to the machines you'd find at outdoor lots). You must buy parking at these machines in advance by entering your license plate number and payment. Note: the machines accept credit cards or exact change only.

You can also pay by phone, using the Secunik app (

Parking during the Family Holiday Show

The performance of our Family Holiday Show is less than an hour long. Parking in the Portage Place parkade during the day is $2 per half hour, or $4 per hour. You can expect to pay between $6 and $8 in parking for a daytime show. If you're attending a Pajama Party performance at 7 pm, the regular flat rate for the evening is $8.

If you attend a performance during a Jets game, please be sure to exit the parkade withing two hours of entering it, paying the charge of $8. After  two hours, the $15 flat rate for Jets game parking will be in effect.