Your will is powerful

Leave a gift for future theatre-goers

Add PTE to your will and have a huge impact on PTE for years to come

“It’s important to me to leave a legacy gift to PTE because of the thought-provoking and entertaining stories on their stage. I want to see our stories continue and a legacy gift ensures we will all benefit from the “magic of theatre” for many years to come.”

 -- Cherry Karpyshin, PTE General Manager Emeritus (retired)

To ensure that PTE is able to continue to bring vibrant, Canadian and local stories to life, consider leaving a legacy gift to the theatre by naming PTE in your will. Annual donations are important, but a gift from your estate will be the biggest gift you will ever give to PTE. Just a small percentage of your estate left to the theatre will have a huge impact, while still leaving the majority for your family and loved ones.

Your bequest is the best way you can leave a cultural legacy. It is one way you can ensure your joy of live theatre continues for the next generation. The money given from your estate will go directly to PTE’s endowment funds. The interest generated will show up on our stage for our audiences to enjoy. There will be new plays commissioned, more actors hired and PTE’s unique artistic vision will live on.

This legacy of quality storytelling at PTE needs your help to continue.

Honour your love of theatre by remembering PTE in your will.

Use the power of your will to leave a legacy gift at PTE. 


If you have already made the decision to name PTE in your will, please let us know, so that we can thank you.

To notify PTE of a future bequest, or for more information, please contact
Carman Johnston, Director of Development

(204) 925-5263

Photo by David Lipnowski