Individual giving

Take a step behind the scenes

Prairie Theatre Exchange believes that telling our stories through theatre builds community. It creates empathy and understanding of others. It expands our horizons and helps us to think beyond “me and mine”. But for that to happen, it needs to be accessible to as many in our community as possible. That means making our ticket prices as affordable as possible.

This is a hand-made product. It’s original and unique, created from scratch every time by talented, visionary artisans. We’re very careful with our money, but there are things that we can’t cut and still deliver an experience that pulls you in and transports you in the way you want when you see theatre.

If you're a PTE audience member, you know how immersive an experience a PTE production creates. We are inviting you to take a step beyond the audience, and join our PTE family of donors.

A gift of any size gains you membership in the Friends of Prairie Theatre Exchange. A Friends membership comes with a sliding scale of benefits (see below), which allow you to get closer to theatre by seeing what’s behind the scenes and meeting the people that make the magic happen on the stage. But even more than the tangible benefits is the pride you can take in the work we do, because of the role you have played, no matter if your gift is $30, $125 or $500. Even a small gift makes a big difference to PTE.

    You Should Know:

    • Gifts can be given in a lump sum by cheque, cash or credit card, or can be made in installments by postdated cheques or pre-authorized charges to a credit card.
    • Donations can be made in person at PTE's location on the 3rd Floor Portage Place, by mail to Unit Y300, 393 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 3H6, by fax at (204) 942-1774 or by phone at (204) 925-5263.
    • PTE can direct your gift as you request, to the Theatre in general, to New Play Development, to the School or to the Foundation Trust

    For more information, contact:  Carman Johnston, Director of Development


    Banner image by Leif Norman from the Heavy Bell production of By Grand Central Station 
    Lighting by jaymez