Audience & Critics Reviews

The Critics Say:

Globe & Mail Critic’s Pick. “Do you miss Succession? Watch Hannah Moscovitch’s Post-Democracy for another sordid succession saga”

Four Stars “The advantage of the filmed format is that the close-up allows the full force of (Arne) MacPherson’s poignant performance.” Winnipeg Free Press

“The power of the play is that you will be thinking about it long after you see it, and you should see it.” – The Slotkin Letter


Our Audience Says:

“It’s brilliant! It’s streamed, but still has the feel and tension of live theatre. Amazing acting. Tight, interwoven plot. A concise and devastating story.” – Catherine H.

“Sooo good. Fabulous script, wonderful acting all around. Brilliant set design and blocking, all while addressing the need to physically distance. Just a great show all around - I applauded during the bows.”  - Rick B.

Ooof, this one will hit you in the guts. Bravo to cast & crew for a sexy, complicated, impactful show. I give this one five physically-distanced Bravos!” – Mel M.

“Amazing on all fronts. Production. Writing. Acting. Bravo on your first virtual production. Must see! Hannah doesn’t hold back and it’s a story that needs to be told.” – Christa W.

While I feel like I’ve been punched a thousand times, Post-Democracy is very powerful and a stunning production, COVID or otherwise.” – Elijah C.

"Wow. LOTS to think about. BRAVO!!!! THANKS for bringing this rivetting play to us! I don't care whether it's live or filmed- it feels like I am at PTE and that is what matters. I loved the fabulous performances of our amazing actors and the set and production were super as well. THANK YOU PTE!!" - Gail A.

Photo: Arne MacPherson | Set & Costumes: Brian Perchaluk | Lighting: Scott Henderson | Photo by Leif Norman