Who is OFUR?

Omar Samuels (he/him)

Omar Samuels is an emerging bilingual Indo-Guyanese mixed artist based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Through Out From Under The Rug Theatre Collective, he is hopeful that the art we produce works towards building a strong community for those whose stories have been misheard or not heard at all. This past year Omar has received mentorship from Shannon Vickers learning how to use the voice he has to help others use theirs. Cast in the upcoming co-production of The Winter’s Tale/Le Conte d’hiver by SIR and TCM, he is excited to incorporate his passion for the power of the voice with his love of the French language. During his post-quarantine job search, Omar is proudly the recipient of Plum.io’s Diversity Champion award. Selected Credits include: Kiss of the Spider Woman (Dry Cold); When She Had Wings (Workshop, Aeronautic Theatre & MTYP); Romeo and Juliet (SIR); Time and the Conways, Concord Floral, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead (The University of Winnipeg).

PTE's Company in Residence 2020 - 2022

Out From Under the Rug (OFUR) PRESENTS

Bastard. started as a poem I didn’t write, but was written for me to speak out loud— one that I have since learned all the words to. In several ways, it’s a play about me.

It is about many other things as well. It's about longing, pain, a can of orange bubly, a big comfy couch, one person, several people. It’s inadvertently (but perhaps more importantly) about four friends, a bar with disgustingly low lighting, 2019, and desperation. Above all else, this play is about love and the way it transcends linear time— the way it fills space and leaks into cracks; scatters breadcrumbs between home and away, leaves nothing empty and everything unfinished. 

Bastard. is a love letter. 

This is a play about you.


August 9 - 15, 2022 at 7:30 pm

No performance on Thursday, August 11

ASL Interpretation provided on Friday, August 12

All performances take place in the Colin Jackson Studio Theatre


Out From Under The Rug Theatre Collective is a collection of emerging IBPOC artists of various cultural and artistic backgrounds, founded and based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

To create, develop and produce theatrical works by, for, and about people of colour.

Out From Under The Rug exists to platform the work and voices of IBPOC artists, ensuring a safe and accessible environment. Our current focus is to locally develop and present culturally specific theatre, providing the opportunity for Winnipeg’s under-represented communities to not only see themselves in our stories, but be actively engaged in the creation. Through community engagement, facilitated education, and presentation of IBPOC work, we are looking forward to growing into a sustainable organization that can provide a trusted space for IBPOC artists to present work that would often otherwise be swept under the rug.

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