September 30 - October 1, 2021

Instructor:  Donna-Michelle St. Bernard

Dates:  Thursday September 30th, Friday October 1st

Time:  10:00AM – 1:00PM

Participants: 12


A workshop for playwrights to move from initial impulse into play creation.  


About Donna-Michelle St. Bernard

Donna-Michelle St. Bernard aka Belladonna the Blest is an emcee, playwright, director, and agitator. Her main body of work, the 54ology, includes: Cake, Sound of the Beast, A Man A Fish, Salome’s Clothes, Gas Girls, Give It Up, The Smell of Horses, and The First Stone. Commissioned works include Witness Shift (Obsidian Theatre, 21 Black Futures), Reaching For Starlight (Geordie Theatre), Say the Words (Wrecking Ball), The House You Build (SNTC). Opera libretti include Forbidden (Afarin Mansouri/Tapestry Opera) and Oubliette (Ivan Barbotin/Tapestry Opera). DM has collaborated on the creation of Hope Is A Story with Sunny Drake, They Say He Fell with Nir Bareket and 501: Toronto in Transit with Justin Manyfingers and Bob Naismith. As a director, her staging elevates culturally specific and rhythmically resonant stories, including Job’s Wife (Nolan), A Perfect Storm (Nolan), Oops! (Feld), Mx (Robinson) and Our Fathers, Sons, Lovers and Little Brothers (Simamba), as well as collaborating with Cole Alvis and Nikki Shaffeulah on the direction of Lilies (Bouchard). She is co-editor with Yvette Nolan of the Playwrights Canada Press anthologies Refractions: Solo and Refractions: Scenes, as well as editor of Indian Act: Residential School Plays. DM is currently the emcee in residence at Theatre Passe Muraille, associate artist at lemonTree Creations, artistic director of New Harlem Productions, coordinator of the AD HOC Assembly, and of Nightwood Theatre’s Write From the Hip play development program. She’s aight. (photo by Graham Isador)