Suzuki / Viewpoints Training

Ellen Lauren, SITI Company
August 24 - 28, 2020

Class Fee: $280 (5 sessions, 4 hours each)

Installment plan available - call 204-925-5255 for more information

Maximum participants: 26



Developed by internationally acclaimed director, Tadashi Suzuki and the Suzuki Company of Toga, the Suzuki Actor Training Method's principal concern is with restoring the wholeness of the human body and voice to the theatrical context and uncovering the actor's innate expressive abilities. A rigorous physical discipline drawn from such diverse influences as ballet, traditional Japanese and Greek theater and martial arts, the training seeks to heighten the actor's emotional and physical power and commitment to each moment on the stage. Attention is on the lower body and a vocabulary of footwork, sharpening the actor's breath control, Vocal Strength, focus and concentration.



Originally developed by the choreographer Mary Overlie, the Viewpoints is a philosophy of improvisation that grew out of the postmodern dance world. Ms. Overlie broke down the dominant issues of time and space into six categories, calling this approach The Six Viewpoints ( SITI Company has continued to research these notions, adapting and expanding them for theater artists. The language of the Viewpoints allows artists to create together spontaneously and intuitively. It fosters a sense of ensemble, as well as deepens the individual’s sensitivity while onstage. The practice of the Viewpoints develops an artist’s awareness how to read what is being made in the process of making. It strengthens an artist’s articulation, and clarifies emotional, intellectual and physical flexibility.