Community Update

January 5, 2023

It has been a brilliant and also unusually busy season here at Prairie Theare Exchange.  Our goal each season is to release a community update at the top of the season and at the close of the season.  Here we are, in January, with our first update for the 2022-23 season.  We are aware that it is behind schedule while also gratefully embracing the opportunity to begin the New Year with news of how this 50th anniversary season has been going so far


On November 24th, 2022 Prairie Theatre Exchange celebrated our 50th anniversary with three days of events.  The evening of the 24th was an evening of memories featuring speakers from across PTE's half century history.  This included all former general managers, executive directors, and all but one former artistic director.  It was an evening for old friends and colleagues to catch up, and for all of us, collectively, to learn more about what PTE has meant to the Winnipeg arts ecology from its inception to the present day.  The evening of the 25th was a good ol' Winnipeg social.  It was so moving to see our spaces come to life with a party atmosphere!  The late morning of the 26th was a brunch for one last opportunity to be together as a community (those that are currently living here in Winnipeg and those that traveled from across the country to celebrate this golden anniversary.)  A feature of the weekend was the PTE Museum in the Gendis Studio, curated by Carman Johnston with the help of our entire staff.  This weekend reminded us what makes us a company and what has kept our theatre alive and thriving all of these years:  the hearts, minds, passion and dedication of the artists, staff, and audiences...the PEOPLE.  Our staff left the weekend feeling inspired and ready to continue the work of the company into the next 50 years.

This season has been thrilling so far.  It has also been full of challenges.  This is a moment where we celebrate the arts in-person.  We also recognize that our industry (and the arts workers who bring it to life) is vulnerable.  We are continuously listening, responding and listening again.  We make plans, while also trying not to become set in our ways.  We know that we need to be as nimble as we were in the height of the pandemic to keep our artists, audiences and artistic practice healthy, safe, and inspired.  We succeed, we fail, we change, and we continuously re-imagine what is and can be possible.  Much like the process of creating theatre, we are trying not to know everything, but rather to discover.  We are grateful for everyone who has helped us and is helping us along the way.  And we promise to do all we can to help Prairie Theatre Exchange see another 50 years of theatre and performing arts.

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