Community Update

June 30, 2021

June.  So much has happened since our last community update in October, 2020.  So much has changed.

The following is a report on some of the company’s activities in the last nine months.


Since the fall, PTE has been meeting with a group of Winnipeg theatre artists.  The meetings began as a policy committee, setting out to write an anti-racism, anti-discrimination and equity policy (as reported in our last community update).  Through robust, engaged, and vulnerable conversation, we collectively agreed that a policy was not the way to affect the change we were all seeking.  We wanted something we could give to artists, staff, and patrons that would frame their experience of being at PTE.  Something that outlined our priorities, our values and our philosophies.  As one committee member beautiful articulated it, “We should be sharing what we are FOR rather than what we are AGAINST.”

What began as a policy committee became the Affirmation Committee.  What we created was a document of affirmations for artists, staff, and patrons.

>> Please click here to read the affirmations.


This season has been both challenging and inspiring.  It has provided us an opportunity to change our imagination.  To see new ways of working, new ways of creating, and new ways of engaging. 

We are keenly aware of the continued struggle our industry faces, and the impact these struggles have had on artists who are the backbone and foundation of all that we do.  We are buoyed and inspired by the resilience of our arts community.

We are also deeply grateful for government, foundation, and arts council support.

Finally, a thank you.  To every artist, audience, donor:  THANK YOU.  To the CCA, MAC, WAC, thank you.  To the federal government, the Province, the city, the Winnipeg Foundation, thank you.  This season would have been impossible without you.  That we are thriving, that we are even still standing, is a testament to all of you...and in turn your belief in us.