Community Update

November 23, 2021

With a new season, a return to live performance, and a lot going on behind the scenes, Prairie Theatre Exchange is very happy to be sharing a community update for November 2021.


This season, PTE commissioned young artist Essey Habtu to paint portraits of The War Being Waged playwright Darla Contois and Bad Parent’s Ins Choi. Though only 14, Essey’s art has grabbed the attention of Manitobans and local media, and he has sold several pieces through word-of-mouth and promotion on Instagram. The portraits of Darla and Ins can be found in our lobby.


November 2021. So much of this moment in time, nationally, is about re-opening. It is also time to continue our listening, growth, and action in the work of anti-racism, anti-oppression, and accessibility. A part of this, too, is considering what it means to be ethically producing theatre amidst the climate crisis. We continue to re-imagine, every day, who we are as a company and what we can be. To practice questioning, daily. What is the theatre we make? Who makes it? How do we make it? For whom do we make it? Each day we commit ourselves to supporting artists and engaging audiences in ways that are relevant, meaningful, and sustainable. We are invigorated by this work, and we embrace our responsibilities as a not-for-profit performing arts organization in and through this time. And we look hopefully forward to what comes next.

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