Digital Presentations for High Schools

Bring the power of theatre directly to your classroom!

Theatre has a unique power to present an issue so that it resonates in a way no classroom setting or textbook can duplicate. Theatre can bring history to life, shed new light on complex issues and educate without preaching. Far beyond being a tool for just Language Arts and Drama teachers, theatre can help teachers in Science, History, Social Studies, Psychology and Canadian Studies add new dimensions to their curriculum.

Prairie Theatre Exchange is proud of our thirty-plus years of presenting interesting and topical adult plays to Manitoba's high school students, and the way in which our young audiences experience stories that have an impact and which extend the classroom curriculum into new and exciting realms.

While we are still unable to invite you and your students into our theatre, we are able to bring plays directly to your classroom through our "Virtual Tour".

The plays available through the tour are carefully-created hybrids of live theatre and film, using the best aspects of both mediums to invoke the experience of being in a theatre, enhanced by using the camera to introduce new visual perspectives.

October 18 - November 30, 2021

February 1 - 28, 2022 (Black History Month)

VOICE by Ismaila Alfa

Ismaila Alfa is a journalist, a current-affairs radio host and a hip-hop artist who was born in Nigeria but grew up and made his home in Winnipeg. In March 2020, while in Toronto for a job interview and physically separated from all his kids, two events changed the world. The pandemic exposed so many things that to some had been below the surface, but for others, like Ismaila, had always been much too obvious. The murder of George Floyd and the ensuing global calls for social justice spurred a need to help his daughters understand the world – about race, about culture, about home. So he wrote his first play – a heartfelt, raw blend of powerful prose and poetry with the rhythm of hip hop – to use his voice to help his daughters find theirs.

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March 15 - April 30, 2021

The War Being Waged by Darla Contois

An Indigenous mother becomes an activist while her brother becomes a soldier. A grandmother raises a child with love, in community. And a granddaughter, full of turmoil, finds her voice. This work is shared in three parts – monologue, poetry with video and movement, and contemporary dance – all tied together by the playwright’s story and a beautiful, comprehensive set design that has built a world for all three to live inside.

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Banner photo by Leif Norman feat. Ray Strachan & Melissa Langdon in VOICE by Ismaila Alfa 
Costumes by Joseph Abetria
Lighting by jaymez
Set concept by Cherissa Richards & Thomas Morgan Jones