February 2021



by Aaron Collier
February 19, 2021
A Waking Dream Techno Confessional Performance


Live stream for free - book by phone only, until 7:30 pm | 204-942-5483

“I’m telling you I miss someone I’ve never met” proclaims Aaron Collier, creator and star of HEIST’s new multimedia storytelling show Frequencies.

One-part live techno concert and one-part autobiographical confessional, this innovative solo show is a mixed reality performance viewed through the eyes of a second actor wearing a VR headset with a special camera attached. The production examines the stories, meanings, and inner workings of Collier’s new album of music that underpins the performance. Through this journey, Aaron Collier invites the audience to discover his deeply personal revelations of acknowledging the grief and pain within his family relationships, while celebrating the profound wonder and magic of real life all around us.

Take a dive into a digital world and witness Aaron and his keyboards augmented by digital scenography.

In partnership with Prairie Theatre Exchange, Pi Theatre and Theatre Outre, the show premieres nationally via livestream with performances broadcasting from The Bus Stop Theatre in Halifax, Nova Scotia.



“In early 2018, I was writing techno music that was based on the frequencies of nature. I set out to create music that would give me access to new perspectives. I would get curious about some kind of natural phenomenon that occurs in milliseconds or over millennia and then work to manifest it as music. The music I was making ended up being about time and perspective, two things that most of us can agree have changed greatly in our lives,” says Collier. “I wanted to find ways to see the world differently, and I did. I discovered a lot. I discovered the music the earth plays over millions of years, I discovered the harmonious relationships of the planetary orbits in our solar systems, and I discovered how a bee might experience time. What I didn’t expect to discover was an unanswered question I’ve had since childhood, and a desire to finally seek the answer.”

Frequencies was written by Aaron Collier (The Princess Show, Princess Rules), longtime Zuppa Theatre collaborator Stewart Legere, and Giller Prize nominated author Francesca Ekwuyasi. It is directed by Ann-Marie Kerr (Daughter, The Secret Life of a Mother), and supported by Arts Nova Scotia, Theatre Nova Scotia, The Bus Stop Theatre, the province of Nova Scotia and The Canada Council For the Arts.




HEIST is a live art company committed to creating and producing innovative, genre-bending and queerly playful performances in Halifax/Kjipuktuk and beyond. HEIST is the brainchild and creative platform for Richie Wilcox (Artistic Director), Aaron Collier (Technical Director) and Sylvia Bell (Managing Director). The company was founded in 2016 and within its short existence the award-winning trio have created and toured numerous works including The Princess Show, New Waterford Boy, FACE, Princess Rules and Nature Vs. Nation