February 2022



by Ismaila Alfa | Virtual School Tour
February 1 - 28, 2022
A father's love letter to his daughters

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Ismaila Alfa is a journalist, a current-affairs radio host and a hip-hop artist who was born in Nigeria but grew up and made his home in Winnipeg. Last spring, while in Toronto for a job interview and physically separated from all his kids, two events changed the world. The pandemic exposed so many things that to some had been below the surface, but for others, like Ismaila, had always been much too obvious. The murder of George Floyd and the ensuing global calls for social justice spurred a need to help his daughters understand the world – about race, about culture, about home. So he wrote his first play – a heartfelt, raw blend of powerful prose and poetry with the rhythm of hip hop – to use his voice to help his daughters find theirs.

How the Virtual School Tour works:

  • You will receive a link with an exclusive password to the video on Vimeo, which will be valid for 72 hours
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  • A full Study Guide is provided for the show

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