Free professional development opportunities for our Winnipeg theatre community.

PTE HUB Winter session

Butoh Body Freedom- An Intermodal Approach

What can movement reveal? How can we deepen our relationships with self, character, kin, place, and space through movement? How can we discover freedom of expression? Butoh Body Freedom- An Intermodal Approach, will explore these questions and more.

Sundays January 14 - February 18, 2024
12:15pm- 2:15pm

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The centre-piece of PTE's Training Hub is an annual multi-week block of free workshops, classes and talks. 

We've been honoured to host dynamic instructors from both Winnipeg and other parts of the country, each of whom are asked what they would like to teach, share, or offer. 

Opportunities to offer unique professional development workshops also appear throughout the year. PTE is pleased to be able to include these free one-off sessions as part of the PTE Training Hub programming.

October 23 - November 12, 2023

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Advance Registration: October 2-8, IBPOC, 2SLGBTQ+ & Artists with Disabilities

General Registration: October 9

Training Hub Coordinator: Matthew Paris-Irvine

ASL interpretation will be available upon request.

When you click to register in Training Hub classes, there will be three options for pricing.  The first is to attend the class for free. It is critically important to us at PTE that these classes be fully financially accessible as our community navigates this time of pandemic and all the financial insecurity it has brought on. The other two options for payment are $10 and $20.  This is only for those who are able to support our company in this initiative, but it is in no way necessary.

The Training Hub is our gift to the professional arts community of Winnipeg.


Photo by Leif Norman