Four weeks of free professional development for our Winnipeg theatre community.

We are honoured to have dynamic instructors from both Winnipeg and other parts of the country to offer both in-person and online workshops, classes, and talks.

Each of our instructors was asked what they would like to teach, share, or offer. The line-up is not only led by extraordinary artists, but also represents how they are thinking about theatre in this time.

Registration will open on Monday September 14th and is first come, first served.

We recognize that we may not be able to accommodate the demand for the classes and have endeavoured to make the class sizes as large as possible, and when possible to also add auditor space.  We will also be creating a waiting list for each of the classes to help ensure that anyone who would like to be able to engage with the opportunities, can. 

For classes taking place in person at PTE we will have COVID-19 safety protocols in place to ensure the safety of all the participants.  Participants will receive these protocols ahead of the classes.  If the COVID-19 situation changes and we receive new restrictions from Manitoba Health we will change our plans according to those new guidelines.

For the duration of The Hub, our lobby washrooms will be gender neutral.  We will provide ASL interpretation for any of our classes upon request.

When you click to register in the classes (links will be live on Monday, September 14th), there will be three options for pricing.  The first is to attend the class for free.  It is critically important to us at PTE that these classes be fully financially accessible as our community navigates this time of pandemic and all the financial insecurity it has brought on.  The other two options for payment are $10 and $20.  This is only for those who are able to support our company in this initiative, but it is in no way necessary.

The Training Hub is our gift to the professional arts community of Winnipeg.  We so look forward to having you in our (live and virtual) space, and to training together!