Renew online

Here's how!

IMPORTANT: If this is your first time renewing online, please read this information BEFORE proceeding to the RENEW NOW button at the bottom.

Please call 204-925-5255 if you would like a Four or Three Play package.

NOTE: You can email to request a call-back at a time that is convenient for you .

1.  Check the top of your subscription renewal form. If there’s an email address there:

      a.  Click the Renew Now button at the top or bottom of this page

      b.  Click the blue button Login to renew existing subscriptions

      c.  If you’ve already set up a password for online ticket buying, type it in under your email address.

      d.  IF YOU DON’T YET HAVE A PASSWORD, click on FORGOT MY PASSWORD on the right-hand side. You’ll be taken to a page where you will type in your email address and click the green button to reset your password, which will be emailed to you.

      e. DO NOT CLICK “NEW PATRON” – if you set up a new patron account, you will not be able to access your subscription.

2.  Once you’re logged in, you’ll be clicking on the green buttons to move through the process.

3.  When you reach the first screen of the checkout, for Ticket Handling Delivery Method, click Hold tickets at Will Call – your tickets will be mailed to you right after the Labour Day weekend in September, with all your subscriber information for the season.

4.  Also on that checkout screen, for How did you hear about PTE, select
Subs - Pure Renewal.

IF YOUR ACCOUNT DOESN’T HAVE AN EMAIL ADDRESS ALREADY ATTACHED TO IT  (ie: if there is no email address at the top of your renewal form), you must call the PTE Box Office at (204) 942-5483 to make that change, so that you may renew online in the future.


At this time, we are only able to allow straight renewals online - no changes. If you wish to change your seat or performance, buy a four or three play package or add a new subscription, please call (204) 92505255.