The Virtual PTE

A new way to gather with theatre friends!

Tired of being trapped in a Zoom square? Miss the experience of running into friends in the lobby? We’ve got you covered!

You and your friends are invited to the Virtual PTE! Wander around the faithfully recreated main floor of PTE on Gather.Town. Visit the Green Room, Rehearsal Hall, the Carp Shop and, of course, the two theatres. It’s all there for your avatar to explore.

Best of all – you can “walk” up to other people – individually or in groups – and video chat right there! It’s the next best thing to physically being at PTE.

Sound difficult? Think you need to be a gamer or computer expert? Nope! It’s simple – all you need is a laptop or desktop computer, a webcam and mic, and one finger to tap the arrow keys on the keyboard to move your little computer-me around the space. Scroll down for more detailed info.

Excited? Want to know a bit more before diving in?

When you join the “Gather”, you’ll be assigned a random avatar, but you can choose your own and customize hair and clothes by clicking the arrows next to the figure. Please use your first name when signing in – it helps everyone else know who they’re speaking to.

You’ll materialize around the clock tower and escalators. Use your arrow keys to head over to the lobby entrance.

Watch for the blue INFO icons throughout the space – approach them until they glow and press X – you’ll get tips and tricks to help you through the visit.

Look for other items that glow, like display cases and games in the Gendis Studio. Press X and you’ll to see what they’re hiding.

Remember that you need to approach other people to be seen and heard, and vice versa. Walk away and you'll fade from their sight and sound.

IMPORTANT – this is what you need to join the Gathering

Webcam and mic (standard video-chat stuff)

A laptop or desktop computer – it doesn’t work on mobile devices (sorry)

Chrome or Firefox (MAC users, sorry, but Safari doesn’t support it – please download one of the other browsers to come play with us)

A desire to see and interact with all those folks that you would normally get to hang with in lobbies multiple times a year, and a need to break free of the Zoom square.