Ellen Peterson

Member since 2007

Past work includes:

Some acting credits include Marion Bridge and All Restaurant Fires are Arson (PTE), Over the Tavern and The History of Manitoba in 45 Minutes (MTC), Baloney! and Liars (MTYP), The Blue Bathroom (Adhere and Deny) Tickle Trunk (Theatre Projects Manitoba) and various fringe productions including the Sleeping Beauty Club Cabaret.

An experienced theatre instructor, Ellen was director of the MTYP theatre school and its Young Company for several years. She also directed the PTE Adult Company (Selkirk Avenue and The Good Woman of Szechuan) and directed her own children’s play The Blanket Show at the Winnipeg Fringe.

Currently Ellen serves as the dramaturge for the Manitoba Association of Playwrights’ Open Door, which invites playwrights of all experience levels to have their plays read and discussed by professional actors and a dramaturge.

What I’m writing now:

My play, The Brink (formerly Tokyo) is being produced by Prairie Theatre Exchange as the first play of the 40th Anniversary Season in October 2012. I received funding from the Winnipeg and Manitoba Arts Councils and from the Canada Council to complete the second draft. The play was read at the Carol Shields Festival in 2010, and the response has been encouraging. PTE supported my application to the Canada Council, which meant I wrote the second draft “in residency” at PTE. During this phase of work, I am also exploring the possibility of expanding the story of the play into a trilogy.

The Brink is about a former athlete and POW, now running a failing business, who finally finds some meaning in the suffering he endured in the camps when he saves his niece from a living death.

I am working on an adaptation of a Japanese folktale called The Crane Wife, and revisiting an idea for a processional play I wrote years ago called The Opera Singer. The existing first draft is completely preposterous and un-stageable, but there isn’t enough theatre being done here in non-traditional forms and I’d love to get it off the ground somehow.

Plays produced and published include:

Binky and Boo (Two lovers are forced to admit they’re not really magicians)

  • produced by Theatre X Inc. and the Winnipeg Mennonite Theatre

Learning to Drive or the Year of Not Pretending (When your driving instructor is the Buddha)

  • produced by Noon Hour Theatre
  • Short version published in Instant Applause (Blizzard Publishing)

Tickle Trunk  (Young Woman attempts to get dressed)

  • produced by Theatre Projects Manitoba

Branta Canadensis  (Twelve Canada Geese making their way south.)

  • produced by Popular Theatre Alliance of Manitoba
  • published in Instant Applause (Blizzard Publishing)

The Blanket Show (A child’s blanket is many things)

  • produced by Wild Babies (Winnipeg Fringe)