PTE/MAP Playwrights Unit

Supporting the artists that create the plays

Prairie Theatre Exchange has always been, and continues to strive to be, a “home” for theatre artists – a place where new ideas can be explored, and creativity can be supported and encouraged.

In 2007, led by artistic director Bob Metcalfe, PTE formed a Playwrights Unit. PTE became a home for these playwrights, setting aside an office dedicated to them and their work where they can find a quiet place to work, or to think. PTE also hosts the feedback meetings, provides readings and workshops when appropriate, acts as an advocate for the members’ work, and, most importantly, provides access to all the resources at PTE, from printing and photocopying to advice from the Managing Director on grant-writing.

In November of 2018, current PTE artistic director Thomas Morgan Jones announced the creation of the PTE Emerging Playwrights Unit, in partnership with Manitoba Association of Playwrights (MAP) and their Executive Director Brian Drader. This relationship with MAP and these new playwrights built on the principals of the first unit, with the goal of helping to develop these playwrights’ voices and stories. 

In 2023, the unit was renamed the PTE/MAP playwrights unit to honour the collaborative nature of the relationship between our two organizations and the support we are both offering the participating playwrights.

Because the playwrights in our units are not confined to writing only for PTE, they have seen a number of plays produced on other stages here in Winnipeg and across the country. PTE feels that this is a win-win situation – our community’s playwrights are given the opportunity to pursue their craft with encouragement and support, and PTE is able to more fully realize our goal to foster the creation of theatre and to nurture theatre artists.

We are a contemporary theatre company focused on developing new plays and serving as a home for playwrights. As such, we are deeply grateful to these playwrights for their trust in us and are honoured to have them as a part of our company.

Supported by the Richardson Foundation

We are proud to introduce the current members of the
PTE/MAP Playwrights Unit:

Rayna Masterton

Rayna (she/they) is a Michif/Scottish visual and theatre artist from the Red River Valley on Treaty 1. She trained at the University of Winnipeg in Theatre Performance and trained at Humber College’s Devised and Physical Theatre program.

Rayna has continued to work and train with various companies across the country. They wrote and produced new work in the Winnipeg Fringe Festival (2016/2017) and RMTC’s Shakespeare Fest (2020). Their work centres around themes of identity, femininity, land, and mythology. This year, they are one of the Winnipeg Arts Council’s Indigenous Arts Leaders Fellows and has been training in arts administration with Manitoba Theatre for Young People.

They enjoy photography, gardening, beading and spending time out on the land.